We're open to partnership

The service we provide as Dental Prosthetists and Dental Technicians cannot be taken for granted. Tasked with the responsibility of restoring a persons’ edentulous condition is not a small thing. it improves the quality of life instantly; both functionally and emotionally. 

It’s a skillset that takes many years to learn, develop, and master. Now more than ever, we see the demarcation between quality driven results and somewhat questionable ones being offered throughout our various institutions, facilities, and clinics.

If you are on the side of quality without compromise; understand the value in providing a reputable service with patient outcome and care being at the front and centre of how you conduct yourself and your operation; have given everything to this rewarding career and would like to partner with us in some way so as your legacy continues for many decades to come, then get in touch with us today. 

I’d love to discuss our vision with you.

Bill Dimitriou 

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